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A Higher Standard

Become Go Fog It™ Certified to ensure your business has the highest standards in environmentally-friendly and healthy disinfecting methods.
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Show your Team & Customers Your Commitment to a Higher Standard of Safety Disinfecting Protocols.

The Go Fog It 12- Step checklist verifies you not only achieve the required steps for a disinfected space – you go above them!

Why Be Go Fog It™ Certified?

Certified Training

Learn the health and safety protocols for disinfecting in a fun and engaging way!  Let Go Fog It™’s experts make this easy for you!

Online Listing

Tell your community you are not only open for business but also working hard to keep them worry-free when you are listed as a Certified facility on our Go Fog It™ website.


Promote your certification with Go Fog It™ branded marketing tools, included in your certifications.

Who can be Go Fog It certified?

Whether you are a service provider looking to take your service to the next level or a business looking to tell the world you are exceeding the protocols, we have a certification for you!


Best suited for:

  • Small to large businesses
  • Businesses looking to disinfect their own spaces safely & correctly
  • Retail, restaurant, office spaces, daycare providers, health care, fitness club, etc.
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Best suited for:

  • Businesses selling disinfecting services
  • Existing cleaning companies looking to expand their business offerings
  • Service providers looking to increase their level of compliance
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Your Business Go Fog It™ Certified!

At Go Fog It™ we want to help you make the best decisions for your space! Our goal is to take the guesswork out of disinfecting by ensuring our health and safety experts are up to date on protocols and best practices and to give you, your employees, and your clients’ peace of mind. Let us ensure your business is certified disinfected!

It’s time to look the part

Get marketing materials featuring the Go Fog It Certified badge so your staff & clients know you care.

There’s a reason Go Fog It is trusted by business owners around the world

Health and Safety is our number one value. We spend 1000s of hours researching and testing products and disinfectants to understand and prove their effectiveness. We work with top Health and Safety experts and medical professionals. Let us do the research for you. You can trust Go Fog It will be current and up to date in our research and training.

Promote Your Commitment

Go Fog™ It Certified teams and spaces will receive certification badges and certificates to be displayed at their locations and as part of their marketing materials. Show off that you’re Go Fog It™ Certified with signs, door hangers, official Go Fog It™ certifications, and more. Provide customers with peace of mind that your space is safe and disinfected from the minute they walk through your door.

Taught by Industry Experts

Our certi-fogged content has been developed by an award-winning adult education provider! We make disinfecting fun! We want your team to not only learn but to be engaged while doing so. The Go Fog It training ensures that your team understands the WHY of disinfectant fogging and spraying and will support the execution of the protocols. After all, that is what is most important.


Half-Day Course

2 hours of curriculum

Taught by Melissa Maloney

Topics covered in Certification:

  • 12 Point Checklist
  • Cleaning vs Disinfecting
  • Choosing the right disinfectants for long term sustainability
  • Disinfecting Protocols
  • Health and Safety
  • and more…

$949 CAD +HST

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Half-Day Course

3 hours of curriculum

Taught by Melissa Maloney

Topics covered in Certification:

  • Cleaning vs Disinfecting
  • Chemical Training
  • Health and Safety
  • Disinfecting Protocols
  • How to fog
  • Sustainability
  • and more…

Please inquire for pricing information.

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General Topics Covered in Certification

  • What’s the difference between cleaning and disinfecting?
  • What’s the difference between chemicals and will they damage our equipment? What is dwell time and how does it vary by solution?
  • How much disinfectant needs to be used on certain types of surfaces?
  • How do I promote what I’m doing for my customers and staff?

Go Fog It brought the level of scale and expertise to effectively fog all of our locations. More important, their understanding of the disinfecting space, fogging technology and comprehensive training program enabled us to fog the locations on our own with a level of confidence that we were truly rolling out the right solution. It’s been a great experience and we are happy to know that they stand behind us as we get back to work!

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