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Go Fog It™ & CanFitPro™

Why Fogging?

Disinfectant fogging and spraying is the process of using a piece of equipment (fogger or sprayer) to disperse disinfectant into a specific space. In the case of a fogger, the disinfectant travels through a high-speed vortex and is atomized into a fine mist or “fog”.  In the case of a sprayer, the disinfectant is “charged” as it exits the sprayer so that it attaches and wraps around a surface.

With fogging or spraying, once a room has been cleaned (the process of eliminating debris and dirt), the fogger or sprayer will do the work for you! In about a quarter of the time of “elbow grease”, every nook and cranny of a room will be covered with a layer of disinfectant that will eat all surface bacteria and viruses.

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